Solutions in Engineering and Space Technologies



We bring you the right solutions for your access and connectivity needs. With extensive coverage spanning from the Atlantic to the Pacific, JASTOM provides direct links between Asia, America, and Africa. JASTOM objectives are to bring innovative solutions in engineering and space technologies activities.


With our advanced technology, we offer you the best performance in terms of connectivity and accessibility. Several fields such as Distance Learning, Telemedicine, Intelligent Precision Agriculture, Gélocalisation, as well as Remote Sensing, are part of our fields of predilection.


JASTOM services form an essential link in the audiovisual chain from the place of reporting to the viewer's screen. For these new generation services, JASTOM has a dedicated means to provide the highest quality of television in regions not covered by terrestrial networks.


Respond to critical communication needs of government authorities and NGOs. Government missions today require reliable global communications that can be deployed quickly around the world.