High Quality, Flexibility, High Performance in Connectivity, Large Coverage

Distance Learning

There are several online and distance learning and training possibilities to follow a lecture or a training from your home. Jastom offers a Distance Education System by Communication Satellite.

Internet Access

We offer high speed, reliable and low cost Internet access. Thus, our ambition is to reduce, or even eliminate the digital divide in all of our coverage areas.


With high speed and high quality of transmission, we offer Telemedicine services which include:

  • Teleconsulting
  • Telehealth / Tele-advice Service
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Tele-expertise

Remote Sensing

The high resolution space imaging has revolutionized satellite remote sensing by making it possible to access an increasingly precise mass of information on intra-parcel land, and on the subsoil constitution. We therefore have a strong potential for offering Remote Sensing services for better control of natural resources.

Government Services

Meeting critical communication needs of government authorities and NGOs Government missions today require reliable global communications that can be deployed quickly around the world. We can make the difference by providing secure national and international government networks, natural disaster relief management, and special operations services


JASTOM services form an essential link in the audiovisual chain from the place of reporting to the viewer's screen. For these new generation services, JASTOM has a privileged means to provide the highest quality of television in regions that are difficult to access and not covered by terrestrial networks.